How to work with us

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Hello Valued customers.

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We are embroidery/Printing product company, mainly making flag/Flag pole. You are also welcomed If you need other products related to embroidery and printed process. No matter you are a REATAILER/WHOLESALER/MUNUFACTURER, there is always a way to cooperate.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler. We have finished production in stock or we can finish in short time. So that we can send your orders soon.

If you are a flag and banner manufacturer, we can provide you with finished product, semi-finished product (embroidery pieces/cutted stripes/sewn stripes), raw material (Brass Grommets/canvas headers/cloth/sewing thread) and even sewing machine. So that you can finish them at your side easily. This will also cut down your manufacturing cost.                    

Thank you.


Shangqi Arts and Crafts co.,ltd highly value your demand.

How to work with us

What we can provide

Material Range:

1)Embroidery:Polyester, Nylon, Spun poly, Cotton, Poly-cotton, Satin, Rayon and more.

2)Printing: Mainly 75D/100D/150D/210D, 100D is the most common.

Size Range: 14*21cm to 30’x60’ and other sizes you need.

Thread color range: Same color with background/all white thread

Product Range:


2)Flag pole for wall, garden etc.

3)Semi-finished flag or banners and raw material for flags.

Flag process choice:

1)1 or 2 sided: Single sided(reverse pattern at the back)/Double sided(right pattern at front and back)/Double sided with lining inside.

2)Pattern making process:

a.Embroidery: Solid embroidery/Applique

b.Printing: Screen Printing/Thermo Trasnfer Printing/Digital Printing/Plastic Printing

3)Head Process: Webbed canvas header with grommets/Pole sleeve/Grommets on flag (with no canvas header)

4)Strenthen process: double stitching/quadruple stitching/6 stitching/8stitching/Zig-zag stitching/X cross stitching/Extra cloth at the corner

Flag Pattern Range: 197 nations and area, 50 USA States, Army flag, Historical flag, and custom flags and more...

Product Range

Product Range

Flag Single/Double Sided

Flag SingleDouble Sided (1)
Flag SingleDouble Sided (2)



Header choice

Header choice

Strenthen process

Strenthen process